Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't expect wit from me, I just draw stuff.

Yeah. Or I will be drawing stuff, anyway.

I'm digging on the idea. This Friday David's going to meet up with me and explain what sort of stuff I'm going to draw. Then I can maybe post something with more depth.
Don't expect too much, though. Most likely it will be stuff like: "Crap in a hat! I can't get this furshlugginer hand to look right!" or perhaps "It's three am and my Pentel ColorBrush just ran out of ink. Curses!" or even "I LOVE drawing sneakers! There's just something about them that is fun to draw."

So, yeah. Words of brilliance should be looked for elsewhere.

Thanks for the invite to post, though.

1 comment:

pengo said...

Who needs wit? This is your regular dry, flat, boring blog about creating a solo performance about running a marathon.

Ladies and gentlemen - it's Cat! Cat will attempt to make it look like I actually draw cartoons for a living, instead of whatever it is I actually do.