Friday, September 19, 2008

The Nights which say "Knee"

Really, the cold ones with a lot of humidity.

I broke my knee two years ago in October (on the way to see Sarah Morton in David's Hamlet) when I got hit by a drunk driver. Since then my knee makes awful sounds going up stairs and hurts when it is cold and/or humid. Hopefully David's does better.

I read all of Breaking Point, Turtleneck, and College in one sitting. Nice to actually do that, even if I stayed up too late. I was surprised by how BP ended, since I skipped around in David's cartoons before.

I had my animation transferred to dvd, but for some reason the sound doesn't work on my own tv, so I don't know if it will work on anyone else's. It works fine on the tv of the person who transferred it. I am not technologically smart or invested enough to try and figure this out or fix it.
So, David, if you have an old vcr -- remember those? -- we could still watch it, if you wanted to. Let me know.

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pengo said...

Yes, by cracky, I have one of them old-fangled contraptions.