Saturday, November 22, 2008

And David Ran...

Last night, David and I started putting the show on its feet. Well...David did, actually. I sat in a chair, waving my metaphorical director's baton, with a splitting sinus headache and frizzy hair while he literally ran laps around my living room.

The piece was already very funny, but we found humor in it last night that we hadn't expected. I am very impressed with the fact that he already has it at least "snapshot" committed to memory. Very nice, when you have a show that has this much physicality. Sketched in about 1/3 of the show from a blocking standpoint...and discovered that costume changes are just about as big a cast member in this show as David is. Well, maybe not AS big. But, ya know?

Oh, and David is ecstatic because he gets to run laps literally AROUND the audience while he shouts his lines at the top of his lungs. Did I mention while running. Laps. Around the audience? Well, that's a runner for you!

Excellent rehearsal. David rocks.

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