Sunday, January 18, 2009

And snow fell...and fell...and fell...

Well. It is Northeast Ohio, after all. And it IS January, after all. And there's this whole LAKE thing going on, after all. But still. It just isn't stopping.

No rehearsal today. One part of me is upset because it would have been good to work the costume changes and get another run in before we start teching tomorrow...but "upset" is WAY too strong a word. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the show is in amazing shape, and that Pengo will rock out the whole thing. So...disappointed is more accurate. And relieved on one front, as well. Pengo is sick--better now than tomorrow or during the week!--and he could DEFINITELY use the day to fill the reserve tanks, so to speak. I am under the weather, as well (and I have to say that the same thing goes for me, too--directing ATYD/tech week/rehearsing Mrs. Lovett. Better to be sick NOW than later.) We BOTH could use this time to re-coup our collective energies...

Tonight, I look at cueing for ATYD. Another giant step in the process.

Tomorrow, Kelly and I meet at 10 at CPT to pull furniture and platforms, talk through the show. Meet with the cast of the other show for the weekend. Talk to Curtis about the best use of his time. (Four hours. Can we get everything we need from him in FOUR HOURS???) We will be fine. Tech has arrived. It will be a welcome adventure!

I'm glad that Pengo is resting today. It is really for the best. Get better, little Pengo!!! We need you and we love you! There is a great race to be run!

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