Thursday, January 08, 2009

the good drawer

When I was in seventh grade, my last full year of traditional schooling, a girl I barely knew wrote in my yearbook, "your a good drawer!!!!" There might have been little smiley faces as well. I was always amused by this.

I'm sketching like a fool, so I don't wanna get out of the groove. I've been struggling with too many plays on my plate, and insomnia, and other stuff for about three weeks now, and I had intended that time for the devout pursuit of Art... Not for being tired and spacey all day. I got an hour of sleep last night after getting all emotionally tense about one of my other artistic projects. But for some reason it is working today, so I'm not going to question my luck.

Josh and I are getting together to film my hands drawing on the 11th.

David, drop me a line on the covenhouse email and tell me which drawing you want, for sure. I'm going to be drawing from my sketches and your drawing together, plus some photographs.
You want the upside down one, the one that's in color in your small book, right?
Or did you want a different one?
Let me know before the 11th, okay?

Back to art until I can't do it anymore and/or have to go to rehearsal for Edward.

Sorry the blog posts aren't better writing.

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pengo said...

Your a good blog post writer!

I imagined the upside-down pose, but I yield to your discretion.