Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pengo crosses the finish line... style. Opening night was triumphant. The crowd ate it up--laughed at all the appropriate places (and even a few that were perhaps...unexpected,) there were people blowing their noses and sniffling, and they were on the edges of their seats through the whole thing. The pace was great, the energy high, Pengo was brilliant, and his professionalism shone brighter than bright. People who matter, both personally and professionally were pleased. Josh and Cat's combined work was stunning. Kelly ran a really tight, calm ship. It was amazing. I am so proud of Pengo...of the whole crew.

Directing a show is more nerve-wracking for me than acting or designing. Opening night is like watching your teenager drive off to college in your brand new car--confident they won't crash it, but feeling the helplessness that if they do, there is nothing you can do to help, and you won't even be there when it happens to hold them and comfort them. And of course, there is no crash. There was no crash. Your teenager has grown to full adulthood and you are no longer connected in the way you were. There is now a distance between you that wasn't there even a night before. And the world changes. It is now glowing with the light of a beautiful accomplishment, a thing of beauty that will continue to change and grow without you, but slightly dimmer because the flashlight that shone on the process has been replaced by the full light of the stage. Always bittersweet, but so fulfilling.

Working on this piece has been an honor. Working with Pengo is always--in all the best ways--an event. I have felt blessed and humbled, elevated and confident, calm and sure through this whole thing. Amazing. It was the right thing for me to be doing. I want to thank Pengo for the words, for the heart, for the art.

Shine on, little Pengo! May AND THEN YOU DIE rise to greater and greater heights.

Always remember--you kicked Mike Huckabee's ASS!!!!

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