Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pengo is a CHAMP!

Back after a couple of days off, Pengo has been drilling lines. A major break-through last night--lines are now friends, not road blocks! 7 minutes shaved off of run-time, and I anticipate that at least 5 more will come off once the costume changes are streamlined. I was supposed to meet Beth at CPT this morning, but my car doors are completely frozen shut. (Hey, it is officially 8 degrees outside, I can't truly blame the CAR.) Talked with her at length on phone, detailing what we need by way of furniture--she says it should all be there and we can just pull it on Monday. I'll still meet with her tomorrow morning (frozen car doors willing) just to be sure so that I know ahead of time if we have to augment with anything.

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