Sunday, January 18, 2009

Next slide, please.

Pretty much every spare moment I have with the Mac has been spent creating the multimedia program for the show. I was really flattered when Dave originally asked me to do this for him, and I knew that I could do a lot better than some boring, static PowerPoint slides. At my office I'm the de facto Flash guy, and I've been getting better and better at it, so I thought, "I'll make a whole visual presentation in Flash, with text slides and photos and animations and sound and everything! Shouldn't take me more than 20 or 30 hours!"

*Bzzzzzz!* Wrong.

I don't know how long it's taken me so far, but I did stay up until 2:30 last night/this morning, expecting to have a rehearsal today and fearing my unreadiness. It was a relief to hear Kelly yell up to me at 9:30 am, while I was still wallowing in bed, "Go back to sleep! No rehearsal today." My eyes shut again so fast, it created a little sonic boom right there in our bedroom.

As Dave would say, "OK, so here's the thing..." Not only am I doing simple text slides, I'm writing sound cues, creating short movies and animations, and programming it all to run from one button on the keyboard. From scratch. I've learned so much about Actionscript 3 in the last couple of weeks. And everytime I solve a problem, two more pop up that I hadn't considered. Do I write the fade-outs into the music cues or let the SM do it on the sound board? Do I guess at how long some of these animations need to be or figure out a way to fade them out if they're too long in performance? How do I jump to a specific point in the program during tech so we don't have to step through the whole thing every time we need to rerun something?

I have a little moment of triumph each time I overcome one of these obstacles. The whole program is looking really cool and I'm eagerly anticipating seeing it in action on a big screen. This is my race.


Aligorey said...

And you will win it. And then you will not die. I am so happy and blessed to have you handling this part of the artistic process, I can't even begin to describe...You are the best. The. Best.

pengo said...

We really shouldn't be calling this a "solo" performance ...