Monday, August 17, 2009

It went so well I almost cried

Really. I almost did. Several times. Considering the nightmare that 2001 was wrangling what felt like 100 teenagers in 100 degree heat and 120% humidity, and the tech hell that was I HATE THIS, I was expecting a fire-y inferno. (The redundancy proves how much I was expecting disaster.) I was sitting up in the booth creating light cues as Dave performed below, gamely acting on, as I went back and forth with lights. And damn if we didn't hit the show at an hour twenty exactly!!!!! YEEEHAAA!!!!!

I still feel like crying a little. But that could be because I'm PMSing on top of everything.

Ok. Now I start crossing the fingers for opening.

Josh and I saw STATE OF UNDRESS tonight with Sabrina. The consensus was "adorable... with titties." It's a burlesque show with a story line. Heart-warming. Titillating. Very pretty women. It cracked me up that all the people in the first 5 rows were men by themselves. Not even a two or three together. Just a bunch of men that all showed up. Funny enough (not really), it was the women who reacted to the stripping the most.

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