Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So, since the design team and I have been included in this blog, and we are gearing up again, AND we haven't really done anything since waaaaaay before we did the Big [Box], I thought it might be time for all you lucky people to hear from me - the lovely and talented stage manager. I know, I know. I've neglected you, my fans. I apologize from the bottom of my god box. (That's not a euphemism! That's my tool! Wait....)

Yes, I accept all thanks that Mr. Solo gives out. Hell if we didn't earn those. I would also like to thank Nick (oh my goodness, you get, like, 50 hours free babysitting now), Josh, and Ali for making my life almost bearable in an otherwise close to hellish 24 hours. Willy, Jeremy, Beth: thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Yes. It was rough and we made adjustments on the fly. But, the performance went well. Only one light blew out and the audience loved it. And the big screen did work very well. (I wanted to tell him that from the start, but I knew he wouldn't listen - these artist types are soooo sensitive!)

It was good to get this out of the way - I mean, accomplished. I feel much more prepared to go to NY and have 3 hours to tech now. 24 is going to seem like a luxury! So, I leave all of you, my loving fans, to dream of the madcap adventures that I will get into. Get your decoder rings ready!

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