Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your SM report

SM here:

Another full day in NYC.

Josh and I went to see POWERHOUSE. Really good. REALLY good. We almost didn't get in because it was close to sold out when we arrived 5 minutes before they started selling the tickets. (Made me jealous, but they did advertise puppets.) Then we saw it. The only bad thing I have to say about it was the music cues were too loud and some of the dialogue was lost. But in the end it didn't matter. Good acting, strong physical work and puppets! Really good puppets. If you are able to see any shows - other than ours - see this one. If you're from Cleveland and need an idea of what this is, think Theater Ninjas.

And speaking of ninjas... the other show we saw was SCATTERED LIVES, which is in the same space we're at. It was fun. Samurai sword play. That's all I need to say. Love it.

Oh. And we opened.

I'm so proud of our little play. Mama's got some tears in her eyes!!! Yes, Dave was nervous. Yes, I had been feeling like I was going to throw up at various points the last few days. But we did it, and I think we did it well. Set-up and break-down went smooth. Slide cues were great. Sam (one of our crew members that could only join us for the first time tonight) threw herself into everything brilliantly. And I only messed up one light cue. And hell if I didn't do too bad with the light design. Dave was good. He was even better when he relaxed. The show works the best when he responds to the audience responding to him.

So here's to 4 more shows!

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