Friday, September 12, 2008

She draws stuff

Had an extended meeting with Cat this evening. This is the plan ... I dislike plays about theater people, not all of them, just in general. Like movies about Hollywood or spreadsheets about accountants, just a bit too cute and insidery.

Okay that's not it. Regardless, I did not want I HATE THIS to be about my job, but about my situation. I make a passing reference to my being a writer. Otherwise, a vocation is never mentioned.

However, ATYD spans twenty-six (point two) years and it became increasingly difficult to avoid discussing what I do. Life intersects with health, with relationships and with work. So instead of being a theater artist, the main character, who is me, is not a theater artist. Pengo is an illustrator.

Now, I am an illustrator, or at least a competent cartoonist. But I want to include artwork in the production which represent the work of someone who could actually succeed as an artist - professionally. So I asked Cat.

She's already done the illustrations for the book of IHT, and I have been a fan of her work since high school. I am rilly, rilly glad she agreed to be part of this. We went over old work of mine, and hers, and went over those places in the play which will be helped by cartoons or illustrations.

Oh my, the Vicodin just kicked in. Wow, that was fast. I have been hobbling around on crutches since Tuesday, probably doing more than I should. I get to take the wrap off on SUnday and have my follow-up Monday morning. I am in the irritable and edgy phase. Wish me luck.


Henrik said...

"Rilly, rilly glad?2 Is this going to be a Rilly Big Shoe, then?

pengo said...

A frilly big shoe.