Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm the man.

Can't you hear me laughing.
Can't you see me smile.
I do not run when the temperature is below ten degrees, and so it has remained. Perhaps it is all the exercises I have been maintaining to keep my back pain free (or largely so) that has kept me from having thigh fatigue. This is what usually happens when I cannot or do not run for extended periods of time.

That, and the rehearsal process for The Great Globe Itself (opening March 3) for which I have spent an inordinate amount of time on my feet, even though I am directing. Poorer directors give line readings, I give blocking readings.

Temperature: 27°
Distance: 3.15 miles

Thawing icicles. It been cold for so long the ice thinks it's above freezing. Slushing buh-shee wushy gushy. But my God, that felt good. Tomorrow we sink back into the deep freeze. I hope the forecast is correct and I can try this running thing again on Tuesday.

1979 Playlist
I'm Cold - The Cure
(Do The) Instant Mash (172 bpm) - Joe Jackson
One More Time - Joe Jackson
Dim All The Lights - Donna Summer
Let's Go - The Cars
I'm The Man - Joe Jackson
On My Radio - The Selecter
Cool For Cats - Squeeze
Boys Don't Cry (169 bpm) - The Cure

I'm cold, indeed. Cure lyrics are not a sound personal philosophy, young man.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's showtime, folks.

Monday: Meeting to set auditions for Timon of Athens
Tuesday: First read-through of Rosalynde & The Falcon
Tonight: Rehearsals begin for The Great Globe Itself

It's Spring, y'all, and I am now hellabusy. This is a good thing.

Many have asked how rehearsals for the tour are going, and they haven't even started yet. For years now, the tour was set to commence in mid-February, with rehearsals beginning in mid-January. Last year rehearsals were very uncomfortable in the room (it is in an office building - heat automatically stops after 6 PM) and there wasn't a single performance on a day above freezing.

Seriously. Not one.

So we begin a bit later. How will this fit into the general schedule of things? No idea. Perhaps very well!

Temperature: 28°
Distance: 3.5 miles

How is the back? Better. Much better, actually. There is still pain or at least discomfort. But we are diligent. And I take the wooden chair instead of the cushy one. It's more comfortable. 

1978 Playlist
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury and the Blockheads
I'm Gonna Love You Too - Blondie
I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) - Alicia Bridges
Digital (169 bpm) - Joy Division
On Broadway - George Benson
Excitable Boy - Warren Zevon
Heart of Glass - Blondie
Good Times Roll - The Cars
Peanuts (178 bpm) - The Police

I was ten, and the music was good.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Romeo was restless.

Here's the best things I can say about my spine injury -- I look better. It is more comfortable to have good posture, I sit up straight, i stand up straight. I look thinner, my pants fit better. My wife has complimented the way I have been rocking these jeans. So there's that.

Some days it feels like there's absolutely nothing wrong with me ... and then there are other days. Meanwhile, the boy is still incapacitated in his own way, and it is necessary to give him a piggyback ride to handle stairs. It's not good for me. But what can I do?

Anyway, events, timing, and weather have kept me off the road. But if I can't get out when its above freezing, when can I?

Temperature: 46°
Distance: 2.5 miles

Hitting the pavement after one week, I became aware of my breathing. This is what happens when the running tapers off. First the thighs begin to ache. Then, the breathing.

Just looking at the forecast ... two days of chill, above freezing again on Wednesday before it dips to the teens on Friday. Just demoralizing.

However, the playlists are about the enter the greatest period of pop music in human history. Which is the whole point, I think.

Running on one stretch of crusty, unshoveled pavement, however, getting up those knees ... it's not good. Makes me want to take out a membership at the rec center just to use the track.

Hmn. Not such a bad idea.

1977 Playlist
Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
Dust In The Wind - Kansas
Second Hand News - Fleetwood Mac
We're A Happy Family - The Ramones
I Robot - The Alan Parsons Project
Mystery Dance (179 bpm) - Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Well, he ran down the hall and he cried.

Simple task, run no less than ten times in January. Didn't happen. It is very challenging, my physical therapy exercises take up between forty minutes to an hour daily (half that time in the morning, half in the evening.) Combine that with assisting the rest of the family, especially the one currently employing a wheelchair, and there is neither time nor motivation to pursue my own extra-curricular activity.

The activities alleviate the pain. My PT says that eventually the disc will be back in place, and perhaps it shall, I am not certain yet I believe him. Last Sunday was very painful, since then I have been mostly all right. I will continue to do these exercises because I do not want to feel worse, the question is whether I will ever feel better.

Temperature: 32°
Distance: 3.25 miles
Climate: lovely snow

I really like running. That felt really good. Today is the first day since the end of last year that conditions have made it possible to run my traditional circuit. It's the same route I have used for years, but the circular route makes me feel I am going somewhere. Jogging up and down the neighborhood streets is tedious, especially the streets are short, and have a noticeable incline.

By tomorrow, the unshoveled sidewalks will have become a minor obstacle course, one I might have traversed in years past, but not in my present condition.
Kerry Fined For Unshoveled Sidewalk

Kerry was hit with the fine after a passerby submitted a picture of the snow-filled sidewalk on the city of Boston's online "Citizens Connect" portal on Wednesday.
I am so totally doing this tomorrow. Monticello Boulevard, you are on notice.

1976 Playlist
Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Shout It Out Loud - KISS
Brand New Arkansas Traveler * - Alex Bevan
More, More, More - Andre True
Crazy On You - Heart

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I been up, I been down.

Light snow, freezing temps. We have a crust which cannot be shoveled.

Today the boy would play with his band at the Beachland, but he woke with great pain in his left knee, the one on which he has been hobbling. Tomorrow we see an orthopedist at 9 AM. I am sorry it has taken a week to get him to see one.

It makes me sad, I am currently unable to lift, which means it is difficult to help him limp from one thing to another. He is such a big boy now.

We shall see about the gig. He is currently in the bath.

Temperature: 27°
Distance: 3.5 miles

Why a run, why today? Because it is Sunday. Because I can. These short runs are place holders until the weather breaks, and hopefully, my own physical difficulties abate. I will make another appointment with the PT, to see what the next step should be. The pain is not what it was, but it has localized, and not disappeared.

Also, there is time, at the moment, right now, to do this. No idea what will happen later.

1975 Playlist
Kashmir * - Led Zeppelin
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Island Girl - Elton John
You're My Best Friend - Queen
Tush - ZZ Top
Squeeze Box - The Who
Rock and Roll All Nite - KISS

Wow, Sir Elton! I've never listened to the words before, but that song is really fucking racist!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I gotta get me get up and run.

The boy and I both love this one best.
The back exercises have been very successful. The past few days I have been largely pain-free. My physical therapist believes I should eventually be able to bend at the waist without pain. At present, however, that is the move which most makes me hesitate, that of bending over at all.

Certainly, leaning forward and down to retrieve anything can hurt ... or not. Depends. Driving my car no longer leaves me stooped over. Well, a little. Sometimes. Sometimes not. That's improvement.

This is a major improvement over last weekend, when the exercises were difficult, becoming painful (from sheer repetition) and leaving me despondent. Will this be the new normal, constant feeling of pain in my lower back? I guess not. Lucky me, again.

However, the kind of work which caused this herniation, lifting heavy objects, I feel should be avoided. And that makes me unhappy. I like working in the yard, and do not want to fear re-harming myself. Be careful, I guess. Move slowly.

The boy injured his hip during soccer practice a week ago Friday. He was unable to perform in his rock show last Saturday. We went to his lesson Tuesday night, but he still can't hit the bass with his right foot.

They fixed him with a double bass pedal, he started learning the bass line he's been practicing with his right foot for three months with his left. And he picked it up with no problem. It's like putting in an understudy for opening night after six weeks of rehearsal with someone else.

I have been there, too. You are anxious, even disappointed in the change. But you should be so happy for committing, and for continuing, for moving through. Nothing is perfect. Everything changes.

Temperature: 27°
Distance: 2.25 miles

Man. Too slippery. Stressful.

1974 Playlist
Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
You Haven't Done Nothing - Stevie Wonder
The Life of the Party - The Jackson 5
Oye Como Va - Santana
Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
Verb: That's What's Happening - Zachary Sanders

Monday, January 19, 2015

What's coming round the corner?

This morning I have decided to run first, then do my back exercises. Yes, sure, why not. It has been a low-key, four-day weekend, by design and also accident. And that is all right with me any my wife. Last night was not a late one, spent largely editing a work of Shakespeare and Middleton.

There's a lot of verse afoot, and I am trying not to take any of it very seriously. Right now I am also reading something from K.W. Bromley which I have not picked up before, and that is helping me keep it unreal.

Temperature: 36
Distance: 1.75 miles

Okay. So? Mistakes I have made this morning:
  1. I neglected to eat anything first. Making breakfast for the girl and her sleepover friend, I did not think to prepare any for myself.
  2. Never had a glass of water. Taking care of the right now.
  3. The sidewalks of a sidestreet clogged with icy mounds of snow, I jogged into the street, hit a patch of ice and tumbled to my hands and knees. In the street.
No damage, not even my cold weather pants. You know, I have had this one par if pants for ten years, I think. I think my brother got them for me for Christmas in 2004. They hold up.

What I have not mentioned is that there was a car heading in my direction. It was not close, it was just turning the corner up ahead about a thousand yards. But I saw it as I fell and scrambled quickly to get my feet, to move. I looked up, it was still far ahead, moving slowly, but so what? What if it hadn't been?

The driver slowed to ask if I was all right. I was, except for the fear. And my knees sting a little. My back is okay. I was foolish. I must make such careless mistakes several times during every single run.

1973 Playlist
Travelin' Prayer - Billy Joel
Skokian - Hot Butter
5.15 - The Who
Living For the City - Stevie Wonder
Mother of Pearl - Roxy Music