Thursday, April 28, 2016

Give me light, give me action.

Iguazu Falls
Still taking it easy, not clocking my time this week. Feeling better,much better, but also weak. Weather is not helping. Wish it weren't so cool. My mind retreats, reading a new book now, also thinking of a certain time in a certain place, who I was, who I wanted to be.

Working some new writing. Thinking, playing, tossing ideas back and forth with myself. Free writing, or just thinking. Divorcing myself from social media, as best as I can. When I am unable to check in with all my friends, time expands and I realize exactly ill prepared I am for what comes next. Available time unnerves me.

Distance: 3 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Glad I ran, but I was not going to attempt my appointed five miles. Can't risk it. As it is I feel light-headed, but the rain was nice and there was no wind so I did not feel particularly cold.

Keeping my feet straight, using the toe separator, I have not felt pain or tingling in my right foot for some time. Meanwhile, I am attempting to work off some nasty callouses which have built up. I have always developed callouses next to the second joint of my big toe, on both feet, but more on the right. This no doubt because of the way I turn my foot out.

Temperature: 48°
Climate: light, gentle rain
Weight: 162.5 lbs. (-0.5)
Mood: addled

Iguazu Playlist
Two Tribes (Extended Version) - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
99 Luftballoons - Nena
Let the Music Play (Extended Versio) - Shannon
Dancing In The Sheets - Shalamar
Living On Video - Trans X

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sitting idle in our boat while everyone else is down the stream.

Los Angeles, 1991
Ugh. Just ugh. Every day getting up is very difficult. I have just been sick. I was hoping, last week, when I only felt it in my throat, that it was allergies. But this is a cold, plain and simple. And it makes me cough and my head is heavy and some mornings I take a pill which clears my head, a little, and makes me hyper and I don't know which is worse.

Monday I actually put on my kit, stepped out and started running up the street. After about fifty yards, I thought, this isn't good. By one hundred yards I had stopped. I hadn't felt like that yet. Maybe a little ill, but not weary, not like that. I thought, three miles? Surely I can run three miles. But no. Why? If I felt like I hadn't felt before, that should be enough to tell me not to do something. I turned around and got through the day. Yesterday I didn't even consider running.

However, Monday afternoon I went to the doctor, for previously scheduled appointment, basically the end to a year-long intervention. In March 2015 I had my "annual" physical exam, about five years too late. I was about twenty pounds overweight, and had dangerously high blood sugar.

I lost the weight, I changed the diet. I was told to have a colonoscopy, which I put off for almost a year. I made the appointment before dad died, but as the time came so soon after his death, my wife suggested I postpone. It was for the exact same reason I kept it.

And I am clean. My colon is healthy, blood work taken last month indicates that my prostate is clear, I am at low risk of cancer. As long as I keep my weight where it is, I do not have to be concerned about diabetes. If I gain weight, well then, I will have to be concerned. Odds are good in that case. So, my path is pretty obvious.

Distance: 3 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop
Temperature: 46°
Climate: cool and bright
Weight: 163 lbs. (+2.0)
Mood: searching

Twenty-five years ago I was enduring my brief residence in Los Angeles. So, why not an appropriate playlist? Something to inspire me, at long last.

But dude, if your time in Los Angeles was so regrettable, why will this playlist be "inspiring"? Good question. Because the station was awesome, and listening to KROQ in the car were the times I was my happiest, traveling from one place to another. The anticipation of doing something, accomplishing something, getting there, that was a positive feeling. Actually being anywhere in Los Angeles was inevitably a let-down.

KROQ91 Playlist
Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) - De La Soul
Round and Round - Tevin Campbell & Prince
Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
The Other Side of Summer - Elvis Costello
Valerie Loves Me - Material Issue
Unbelieveable - EMF

88 Lines About 44 Women - The Nails

Sunday, April 24, 2016

He had 2 run away, his pride was 2 strong.

Prince or Poe?
DAD: ... then he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, so folks called him The Artist Formerly Known as Prince or sometimes just "The Artist" --
BOY: The Artist sounds cool.

Distance: 10 miles
Avg Pace: 7:51
Duration: 1:18:33
Route: Lakeview to MLK Jr. Blvd. Loop
Week Seven Total: 28 miles 
Training To Date: 155 miles

Did not run to Gandhi, for my usual ten mile. Instead, I wanted to go through the cemetery on my way out, and around Wade Oval in University Circle for a water break before heading down to MLK and the entrance to the Cultural Gardens before heading more or less straight back to make a clean 10 mile run.

If I can run ten miles, half of it uphill, and still average less than an eight minute mile, I must be in some kind of good shape. Beautiful day. Beautiful run.

Temperature: 37°→52°
Climate: cool, then not so cool
Weight: 161 lbs.
Mood: good

Prince Playlist
My Name Is Prince
Gett Off (Purple Pump Mix)
I Feel For Your (remix) - Chaka Khan
Can't Stop This Feeling I Got *
The Glamorous Life (Club Edit) - Sheila E.
Electric Chair
Nasty Girl - Vanity Six
Kiss (Anon Mix) - The Art of Noise ft. Tom Jones
Alphabet Street
Girls & Boys
When Doves Cry - Quindon Tarver (from "Romeo + Juliet")
Let's Pretend We're Married
The Beautiful Ones

I am so tired of breaking into tears. But I cleared ten miles just at the climax, and walked, and craned my neck to the sky, through the budding trees. It was cloudless and blue.

I may not know where I'm going, babe. I may not know what I need. But one thing's for certain, baby.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Those who run seem to have all the fun.

This tragedy isn't about me. But I am finding this year very difficult to take. It is as though all the doors of my life and closing behind me.

Distance: 5 miles
Avg Pace: 7:39
Duration: 38:15
Route: Boulevard-Noble Loop

For those who forget, it was (allegedly) the song Darling Nikki from "Purple Rain" that so scandalized Tipper Gore and motivated her to pressure her husband, Senator Al Gore, to hold congressional hearings to look into the deleterious effects of song lyrics on the minds of our young children.

Apart from having the opportunity to watch Frank Zappa make a complete ass out of our highest legislative body, the most significant result of the whole affair was that corporate music caved in and created the entirely arbitrary "Parental Advisory" label for records with questionable content.

The song Darling Nikki makes reference to masturbation. If Ms. Gore took the time to watch "Purple Rain" she may have understood the song in context, though it couldn't have made her any less uncomfortable. The Kid (Prince) is on stage performing at First Avenue and sees his flame Apollonia enter with his nemesis, Morris (and isn't Morris Day everyone's nemesis, after all?)

The Kid flies into a jealous rage and orders his band to change up the set, to perform that most lascivious of songs. He growls and whines and bumps and grinds and Apollonia gets what he's doing, and she's hurt and she leaves. Also, the manager of the club is pissed, but that's a different story.

The point is, The Kid was being a dick. He was wrong. We know he was wrong. But that was one part of the larger narrative.

The film "Purple Rain" was released the day after my sixteenth birthday. We listened to this album (and danced to it in driveways) and watched the movie on video over and over throughout my junior year in high school. The man made an indelible, unforgettable impression.

I learned many things from Prince, about the fluidity of sexuality, about passion and humor and humility. Grace and funk and just amazing music. How to love, and sometimes how not to love. And maybe even about God.

Temperature: 61°
Climate: warm!
Weight: 163 lbs. (-0-)
Mood: After 40 minutes running to Prince? Pretty good, actually.

All the hippies sing together.

Prince Playlist
Starfish & Coffee
Take Me With U
Paisley Park
Erotic City
Love Song (w/Madonna) *

... what?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Run away and hide from everyone.

Oh, ah. I have a cold or something. Thought it was just allergies yesterday, but this morning I just feel terrible. Yet the work must continue. Tonight I have to curate a playwriting contest, there are meetings to be met, rehearsals to be rehearsed. Love to take the day off. Can't.

Then there's running. How slow can you go?

Distance: 4 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Pseudoephedrine is a strong motivator. Hope I don't regret this later.

Temperature: 61°
Climate: overcast, cool. very light rain
Weight: 163 lbs. (-1.0)
Mood: sick

What's That Lyric?
Don't Answer Me - The Alan Parson Project

UPDATE: Jesus. Well, bet you can guess what I will be listening to for tomorrow's run.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sun's coming up like a big bald head.

Awesome five miler on a perfect running morning. Cool with a little sun, wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirt. Pace is high, and the music's good.

Here's a question; can I write a story of running that is not so obviously about running? Like, it's about running, but not about running. Follow? No idea. Might be a good exercise.

Heh. "Exercise." Good one.

Distance: 5 miles
Avg Pace: 7:31
Duration: 39:15
Route: Boulevard/Noble Loop
Temperature: 50°
Climate: cool, partly cloudy
Weight: 164 bs. (+0.5)
Mood: good

Bay High Years
Sharkey's Day - Laurie Anderson
The Whole Point of No Return - The Style Council
Faron - Prefab Sprout
Burning Down the House (live) - Talking Heads
New Day - The Cure
Swamp (live) - Talking Heads
Fake Friends - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Instrumental Montage (from "One From the Heart") - Tom Waits
Handsome Devil - The Smiths
Just One Kiss - The Cure

Monday, April 18, 2016

I was young once like you though I know I don't look it.

On my second mile, I took a breath and felt as though I had inhaled something, like a gas or smoke. There was no smoke, there was no gas. Perhaps I just suddenly dried out the back of my throat, It was unpleasant. I was swallowing and clearing my throat, and then coughing, almost choking.

Thank goodness the great folks at Cain Park had turned the water fountains on! Yay, Cain Park! Thank you Erin and all your little people!

Distance: 4 miles
Avg Pace: 7:47
Duration: 31:37
Route: Cain Park Loop
Temperature: 57°
Climate: warm & sunny
Weight: 163.5 lbs. (+1.5)
Mood: positive

Why Me Playlist
Face The Face - Pete Townshend
Sausalito Summernight - Diesel
Radioactive - The Firm
Why Me? - Planet P Project
I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You - The Alan Parsons Project
Swallowed By The Cracks - David & David
I Robot - The Alan Parsons Project