Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to life. Back to reality.

Monday continued as these days have ... strangely. I was mostly calm, though by 5 pm I was terribly sleepy. I did see a 45 minute performance that evening during which I was remarkably non-fidgety.

Tuesday morning was laconic, no problem, no stress. It felt as though I was in a haze most of the day though I was functioning appropriately. Ask the people I interacted with, they can tell better than I. That evening I attended a dinner party where I was self-consciously low-key, I just did not have too much too offer and lack confidence in the little I did say. For another evening, in spite of its availability, I avoided alcohol.

Today I should have gotten up for a run, but I have been very tired and thought I could use the extra hour. I did need to extra hour - and more than that, but oh well. During the day I felt more like myself than I have in a week.

Tonight, however, the stars came into alignment. And off I went.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 63º
Weather: awesome
Weight: 163 lbs.

I Like To Move It Genius Mix

Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
Connected - Stereo MC's
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
All That She Wants - Ace of Base
Back To Life - Soul II Soul
Missing - Everything But The Girl

Goodness. I could have kept going. Cool, refreshing evening and nothing hurt (until now, little twinge in my left knee.) Seriously, this medication is not supposed to be in full effect for a month. Placebo effect, right? Or maybe I have just gotten over a mild bug. But I feel pretty all right. And now I don't need to get up early.

Monday, September 27, 2010

You can't break me, 'cause I'm already this way

Socked with another terrible headache yesterday, this time on the left side of my sinuses. This is distressing because I am trying to judge the effect of this new medication and it comes exactly at the change of season - when I traditionally get killer migraines.

I felt it coming on when I woke up. I do not believe 8.30 is sleeping in, and this never happened over the summer when I would occasionally get some extra sleep, only when the weather cools.

40 degrees. Jacket weather. Downing a "Jet Blackberry" GU I found in my kit box. Doesn't expire for a year but it seemed more appealing to me this morning than a banana.

Until I ate it.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 40º
Weather: awesome
Weight: 163.5 lbs.

A second piece of quiche? No, thanks. A beer? That's okay, I'll just drink this. Mn, no popcorn, not tonight. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Future Sightings Genius Mix

Future Sightings - I Am The World Trade Center
Brakhage - Stereolab
Watch The Tapes (153 bpm) - LCD Soundsystem
Divorce Song - Liz Phair
Girl and the Sea - The Presets
No Expectations - I Am The World Trade Center
Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious - Stereolab

Ah, the skunks of Cleveland Heights. Okay, I am just waiting for a knee to blow out. Really. Because one must, right? Could be either one. I have no idea what is going on inside of me. I guess there is not much to be done about it except to keep on until injury, and keep taking omega-3s, being kind to myself, etc.

A lot of talk this weekend at the censorship symposium at CPT about my shows this Spring. At least, a lot of talk in my vicinity. Really, can I see a show at CPT without Raymond calling me by name - twice - from the stage? (Am I complaining? Of course not.) But I did get to sell the piece to a number of people.

Now I need to work on it. Actually technical work, of any kind, is on hold until KILL WILL goes up ... my entire crew is working on that. But though I have the edits in my head, I have not spent much time actually making them. I get some writing time this Sunday, if I can focus I could dedicate that time solely to these pieces.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm never gonna stop 'til the sun comes up

Thursday was a nightmare. My car does not have air conditioning, and sometimes driving across town (just to work and home - 25 minutes) can leave me exhausted, dehydrated, and sunblind Even gulping a large bottle of water and wearing sunglasses.

I was having migraine symptoms before visiting my physician and obtaining the new medication. But I began it that evening, and was socked with a criminal stab to the face. It was as though my right sinus were closed and my right eye was receiving a terrible, shooting pain.

Yesterday, day two of medication, was spent with my son at home. He had a fever which was occasionally spiking, and I was the victim of a surprisingly tenacious migraine-hangover. By evening things had leveled off, and I felt mostly normal by bedtime. It remains to be seen whether the medication had anything to do with this ordeal.

I have had no alcohol since Tuesday, opting instead to reach for the kettle. This morning I have already had a large glass of water, and coffee, and a slice of bread with sunbutter on it. Now for a lovely run ... right?

PODRUNNER: Sunchaser (169 bpm)

That is an amazing sunrise mix, sir. I will be using that again soon.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 62º
Weather: perfect
Weight: 166 lbs.

Bad things currently in my house: ice cream and potato chips. It doesn't matter if I cut the extra calories in beer if I find them somewhere else. The doctor warned me this new medication may cause weight gain - though not nearly as much as previous versions of same.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get away from the bar. Tell your boyfriend hold your jar.

Welcome to Fall. Next up: Anti-depressants.

Lamppost at the end of the street burned out again. Two years on a bulb? That really ... sucks. The area around my house is terribly dark when that happens.

Watch this. Everyone else has:

2010 Summer In Review Run
We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP
Dance Wiv Me - Dizzee Rascal ft. Calvin Harris
Song For No One - Miike Snow
Sunrise - Simply Red
Animal - Miike Snow
Sexy Bitch - David Guetta ft. Akon
Fireflies (179 bpm) - Owl City

179 bpm? One of these days and it won't be long they are so totally finding me collapsed in the gutter.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 83º
Weather: breezy
Weight: 165 lbs.

Really? Really, 83º?

Really? Really, 165 lbs.?

Resolved - no beer on weekdays. Seriously. We're out, anyway, and I can use the extra cash. Plus, reintroduce the concept of the sit-up. I would like to fit back into my new pants without any puckering.

Regardless, I need new running shirts. These are all almost five years old.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garbage scow

What is challenging to me about keeping a running blog is that I usually forget whatever it is I was thinking about on the run. It seemed real important at the time.

I have not run in over ten days. I feel my knees ache. The night before I felt tingling n my thigh (not the good kind, the bad kind.) There have been times when i have considered running and thought - what a terrible waste of time.

There has not been time. There has been a lot of work, at work and at home. Special events to celebrate, and trips to the emergency room for my wife (she is, we believe fine.)

Last night I needed to go from my neighbor's house back to my house after dropping off their kid. I ran, for a few yards. It was like being transported to another place. I place where I move through the air, instead of merely wandering through it. Energy was different. It felt good.

I will go now and feel that again. It is the best time of year from running. I shouldn't miss this, it doesn't last very long.

PODRUNNER: Restless (139 bpm)

Thank you, Mr. DJ, for getting me back on my feet. Again.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 53º
Weather: breezy
Weight: 165 lbs.

Yes. 165 pounds. A shame. My mouth is a garbage scow. This cannot stand.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

You must have heard the cautionary tale

The boy starts kindergarten today. The girl has a new pair of twinkle shoes.

Yesterday I took advantage of a big sale at Fabulous Footwear and bought not one - two pairs of dress shoes. They are perhaps the dress shoes I have ever bough that fit. I have always bought shoes that are too small for some reason ... and then there's the fact that my feet have expanded a half size since I began running regularly.

Cleveland Rocks Genius Mix
Cleveland Rocks - Ian Hunter
A Million Miles Away (158 bpm) - The Plimsouls
Face the Face - Pete Townshend
Five O'Clock World - The Vogues
Light of Day (161 bpm) - Joan Jett
Someday, Someway (153 bpm) - Marshall Crenshaw
He Can't Love You - Michael Stanley Band
Sausalito Summernight - Diesel

My. That is a Cleveland playlist.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 69º
Weather: breezy

Sunday, September 05, 2010

If I start acting stupid I'll shoot myself

Spent the night at my parents house, reading Howard the Duck comic books until past midnight, then got up for a morning run listening to songs from 1976. The goal is to write the first draft of an entire play by seven o'clock tonight. I need to get back to that.

Hilarious. Trapped on deadline, needing to produce a new monthly issue after collaborating on the "annual" (extra) issue of the title in question, as well as insisting on doing his own writing for at the daily comic strip that had just begun running in several cities (including Cleveland) among other responsibilities, Steve Gerber interrupted the storyline to provide a writer's block/exhaustion-inspired treatise called "The Zen and Art of Comic Book Writing" for Howard the Duck #16. It is entirely typewritten prose, describing the author's relationship to writing and other forms of mental illness, and is illustrated with previously published drawings.

This audacious affront went on to be nominated for an Eagle Award. Reminds me of my own life.

Bicentennial Playlist
I Wish - Stevie Wonder
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Silly Love Songs - Wings
Pasties and a G-String (159 bpm) - Tom Waits
Judy Is a Punk - The Ramones
Livin' Thing - Electric Light Orchestra
Fernando - ABBA
Let's Dance - The Ramones
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Warren Zevon
Rich Girl (165 bpm) - Hall & Oates
Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Crazy On You - Heart
Hot Line - The Sylvers

Music is indeed inspiring. Lakewood, not so much.

Distance: 6.15 miles
Temperature: 60º
Weather: cool and bright

Friday, September 03, 2010

I'm feeling good, you know I'm gonna work it on out

How are two in a couple caught in a bout of insomnia at once? Several times last night I found myself lying awake, going over ... God, I cannot even remember what. May have had something to do with rehearsal. My wife is teaching a sophomore level English class at CSU, I know what she was thinking about, and wisely she bailed around four to work on lesson plans.

When I did get to sleep, children would come and go through the room, and then they would fail to sleep. I got up at 5.30 and maybe should have tried sleeping again ... only I knew I wouldn't. It's time to hit the road.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 79º
Weather: hot ... less humid
Weight: 161.5 lbs.

September Gurls Genius Mix
September Gurls - Big Star
The Ballad of El Groodo - Big Star
Blue Suede Shoes (169 bpm) - Carl Perkins
Helpless - Sugar
Someday, Someway (153 bpm) - Marshall Crenshaw
Search and Destroy - The Stooges
Gimme Danger - The Stooges
I'm Waiting for the Man - The Velvet Underground
Trash - New York Dolls
Metal Firecracker - Lucinda Williams

Woo. Melancholy Morning Power Pop Mix. Thank you, Alex Chilton!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Do you remember

Mmmmm ... carrying some serious baggage, like plodding through soup ... stitch in my back ... it's going to be a long month.

September Genius Mix
September - Earth Wind & Fire
I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross
Low Rider - War
Got To Get You Into My Life - Earth Wind & Fire
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
1999 - Prince

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 76º
Weather: humid
Weight: 162.5 lbs.