Saturday, July 05, 2014

Sleeping on the sidewalk.

Blowed up real good.

Low-key Fourth, spent lazing at mom and dad's place in Lakewood. We are not a big fireworks family, we tried taking the kids but every year it seemed they were less and less interested or impressed. We asked if we should skip this year and they were all for it.

Fun driving home along the Shoreway, the sheer amount of people gathered along the north side of Detroit Avenue surprised the boy. One year (only one?) they shut down the Shoreway for fireworks and my wife and I sat on the median with so many others.

Guess I don't get out much, but the sheer tonnage of illegal fireworks being discharged in a half-mile radius from the intersection of Superior and Euclid last night was truly stunning.

This three-day weekend leaves me a little at loose ends, artistically, physically. Thursday night we turned in after midnight, and slept in ... rendering me with a major sinus headache which plagued me for the entire day. Just no fun, sometimes I truly hate my head, desiring to drill holes through it to relieve the pressure.

Meanwhile, work continues on a new script. No idea where it's going, but I know where it has to lead. This morning when the boy is at band practice I will hole up with a notebook and torment myself with the blank page. Nothing to do but fill it.

Temperature: 68°
Distance: 3.25 miles

Strangely unsatisfying run, despite the cooler temperature and what promises to be an entirely beautiful day. On Thursday, I had a good run, and then took a walk up and down North Coast Harbor, which left my Achilles tendon feeling very sore, and it still was today. Generally, I felt dispirited (in spite of the music) and logy, and largely uninterested in running.


Lust For Life Playlist
Lust for Life - Iggy Pop
Train In Vain (Stand By Me) - The Clash
Sheena is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones
The Man Who Sold The World (live)  - Nirvana
Search and Destroy - The Stooges
London Calling - The Clash
The Passenger - Iggy Pop

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