Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mind Your Own Business

I want everyone - especially strangers - to stop asking me why I have a knee brace. Every time I am asked I feel compelled to explain, because to be curt is to be rude, and yet most don't really want to know all of the mysterious details of what it is I do and do not know about what is wrong with my knee.

And it's none of their f*cking business.

"Is that a toupe?"

"Where did you get that gash on your arm?"

"Why are you wearing that knee brace?"

If I were a woman I'd answer; "My boyfriend pushed me down the stairs." That would shut them up pretty fast.


kelly e said...

I love at the top of the page the google ads are for healing a meniscus tear and knee braces.

pengo said...

Computers are cruel. And so are you.

Henrik said...

(OK, be cool. You can post without mentioning the.... Just focus, you can do it.)

We got back from Germany today and everything's Holy Moses, will you look at the SIZE of that thing!


pengo said...


Henrik said...

Sorry, too obscure. Imagine I'm trying to post, in a conversational way, without mentioning your knee brace.

In your own time. And.... go!

Nice new look to the blog, BTW.

Cat said...

You could _still_ tell them that your husband pushed you down the stairs or something.

I bet you would get some very interesting reactions.