Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off Track

I had my follow-up on the MRI today. I may have a frayed meniscus, as opposed to a torn meniscus, an injury sustained due to normal wear and tear, and not some traumatic injury. This makes sense. It could also be a tendon which runs through the meniscus which is inflamed. They cannot tell from the MRI. So it is not a major injury ... but it also means we do not know what to do.

I continue to take high doses of naproxen, twice daily. I passed on a cortisone shot, because the idea of it terrified me, and the doctor seemed to suggest it was six of one whether I did that or continue taking the OTC stuff. Regardless, he wants me to wait a month and see if the swelling goes down. I can swim or bike, but running is definitely a bad idea.

If things do not improve, they will look into my knee with a camera.

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