Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's gonne be a lovely day for you and me just wait and see

Full moon. Morning star. Cloudless sky. Hot disco.

Two more days of summer arts camp. I will miss some of these kids. There's a few who attended the entire camp - but aren't available for the final presentation tomorrow. So this week has been kind of a bummer for them, we put them in the show but they know they won't be part of the celebration. And this week has been one of less fun, more work. So it's a drag for them.

Passed a beefy guy, looked formerly athletic, huffing up a side-street. He kept stopping. I think he's trying to resume health. Hope I see him again, and that his lungs have improved.

It truly has been a cool summer.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Track Stars (145 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 57ยบ
Weather: cool & humid
Weight: 156.5 lbs.

And now a word from our stage manager ...

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