Sunday, August 19, 2012

Can I go running with you?

Does any man my age actually wear pajamas?

I have been aching a lot the past several days. A couple days ago I woke with a terrible pain in my right knee. Just, through the whole knee. I got up, and it went away. Also, my back aches. I will roll over and sleep on the other side until it aches, and do this over and over again until I ache all over, and then give up and rise.

This morning has been slow, people rising slowly. The wife has had terrible insomnia, for weeks, but she got to rest after I got up. I made breakfast, piecemeal, for everyone. Getting headachy.

Finally, I announced I needed to take a run. The morning is beautiful. The wife agreed. I got my kit on.

The girl walked up and asked, "Can I go running with you?"

Absolutely. We went to the middle school track and ran a mile, two-tenths at a time.

Temperature: 64°
Distance: 1 mile
Route: Monticello Middle School track

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