Sunday, November 11, 2012

How can hatred uplift a race?

So that happened.

Election week hangover. There are those divided into two camps, those who do not wish to talk about politics anymore ... and those of us who can't stop. But I will. Feeling it today. Oh, the scuttlebutt -- did you hear, Romney and his team were in complete denial of their slim-and-none chances of getting elected? Shocked, stunned, credit cards ... okay, it has to stop. Hurricane, Heights high school musical, postponed trick-or-treat, packing up Day of the Dead altar, waiting for election results ... and scene.

Tomorrow we resume rehearsals for one of the new works I will be producing next year. There are auditions to be had for others, and lines to memorize. And work. And play. And, who knows, maybe exercise. Yesterday was just like a beautiful spring day, but I was not interested. Yard work, house work, sure, but not running. My wife is taking the kids to visit friends in Chagrin this afternoon. And it is still glorious outside.

Temperature: 63°
Distance: 5 miles good.
Knee bends: 20

Last weekend I skipped the knee bends, my knees have not been waking me up for a month or more. Monday I woke and was stiff-legged like I have not been since North Carolina. That may have had something to do with the three hours of canvassing I did Sunday afternoon, walking around the Oxford neighborhood.

Was it worth it? Apparently it was.

This winter I must play four roles in a single one-hour show. I will need to shave. My beard provides the illusion that I have a chin, but even when I am thin (which I am not, currently) my face is sagging, developing those genetically predetermined jowls. One of those ageing English faces like McCartney or Bowie. I'd say who cares, only one of the characters I have to play, what I wrote, is a young lover. Or at least, a younger lover. He is supposed to be foolish. It was not my intention that he be creepy.

So I have scanned the internet for face-tightening exercises. There are quite a few of them, and I will give them a try. Also, too: chewing gum.

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