Saturday, October 12, 2013

If I get drunk.

It has been a long day, starting last night. Friends from the Heights joined us for a weekend trip to the out-laws -- the fact that this is Homecoming at O.U. was a coincidence, we had actually all been planning to visit Canada for several weeks, but those plans fell through and MP and Chris were all too happy to accomodate.

Long story short, and setting aside some of the more grotesque details, I turned in this morning around 3 AM and more or less failed to fall asleep. I don't do sleeping on the ground very well, cool air, on an incline, slippery sleeping bag, cold feet, and odd, surprising sounds. I gave up around seven and with the exception of a one-hour, late morning nap (which left me entirely delirious) I am more or less running on energy from the night before.

And yet, Andrea was only too kind to lead me through some helpful yoga poses. And yet, we took a half-hour hike through the woods around Wolf Kamp. And yet, we had one of the most satisfying meals at Casa Nueva I have had in years, followed by a leisurely stay in the beer garden at the Skull.

An awesome weekend in one day. They said I was crazy, going out for a run on two beers. It's a shiny, clear evening, mid-60s, lots of alumni walking the bike path in their pawprint T-shirts. I would be crazy not to.

Ohio University Playlist
No Myth (Damascus Mix) - Michael Penn
King For A Day  - XTC

(Stopped to watch the O.U. Marching 110 + Alumni through the fence at Peden Stadium performing Dancing Men.)

The Way You Make Me Feel * - Michael Jackson
The Perfect Girl - The Cure
The New Style - Beastie Boys
True Faith - New Order
Tokyo Storm Warning * - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Groove Is In The Heart - Deee-Lite
Sister Madly * - Crowded House
Poison - Bell Biv DeVoe
Across This Antheap - XTC
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
Steppin' To The A.M. - 3rd Bass
Icing Sugar - The Cure

Visited the necessary at the halfway mark, by the Athens Rec Center. Lying on the floor in the stall, a pair of discarded jeans, a plastic Goodwill bag, an empty pack of Newports, and a Goodwill tag marked "32/32".

From this we may deduce:
  1. Someone really needed to get rid of these pants.
  2. They might possibly fit me.
Temperature: 64° → 61° (sunset)
Climate: cool ... and buggy
Distance: 6.75 miles


Stephani Itibrout said...

I thought that I'm the only one in the world who likes "No Myth." Or who knew that MIchael Penn exists.

pengo said...

Love his cameo in "Boogie Nights".