Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bitter fruit

Not too impressed with the Pomplamoose cover of Single Ladies. I usually trip on stuff like this - disaffected boy-girls singing atonally. Astrid Gilberto. Tracey Thorn (I take that back, Tracey - you've never been atonal.)

But the way this singer can barely get the word "years" out stretches patience, and the bridge is, let's face it, insulting. "Don't make me sing this part of the song - the lyrics are so bad ..?" Funny with a start the first time you hear it, and then you realize how tedious and repetitive the rest of the recording is. Don't make you sing it? Honey, who asked you to cover Beyoncé anyway except you wanted this to go viral.

These f*cking hipsters.

Now thass more like it.

And News Flash - Cleveland got the 2014 Gay Games! Yay, Cleveland! We're not Detroit! We're not Detroit!

And you know what happens when the Gay Games comes to your town? Everyone turns gay!

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Beats Walking (154 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 54Âș
Weather: rain
Gear: rain jacket, rain hat, shorts - could have used gloves.

Brisk 6 AM run, the weather ... is hurting me. I love fall, I really do, the kids make every day an adventure - school, soccer, homework, Halloween, just everything. But the cool snap closed my right sinus and last night I was a crippled mess.

I slept from nine until eleven after taking medication, felt much better and then I was up for an hour ... and woke at 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. By four I was up and around, cleaning dishes, folding laundry, lulling two children back to sleep, reading Dracula ... the wife did not think a run would be a good idea, but I thought it would be worse not to. I'll be sleepy early, but the air did me massive good. So, I believe, did the rain.

Nice bpm. Really slowed me down enough to miss most of the puddles.


Josh said...

That's funny, I like the Pomplamoose cover. If you like atonal singing, have you heard Tegan & Sara?

I don't understand the Glee phenom. From what I could tell, everyone on that show is stupid, or vile, or both.

And yes, the cold hurts. I went running yesterday and my left hip was very sore.

pengo said...

I am on the fence about GLEE - parts of it leave me breathlessly happy. It could be brilliant, even or especially in its meanness. But there is a hand on the shoulder of the writers, someone higher up who thinks we are very stupid viewers.

A few weeks again Jane Lynch's chacater referred to the "5 and a half" losers in the glee club. She then clarified the half part by adding, "the kid in the wheelchair."

Yeah. I got it, that mean reference to the kid in the wheelchair. The character is a mean a**hole, that's funny. But the writers think we're stupid a**holes, and that's not funny.