Sunday, September 13, 2009


No show, no race. Why am I running?

Harris' Restorative Elixir

1 quart water
1/4 tsp potassium based salt substitute
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Paintshaker (176 BPM)

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 71ยบ
Weather: humid
Weight: 158.5 lbs.

176 bpm? I sneer at your 176 bpm.

MASSIVE PROPS to Karl on his Half-Marathon, and Harris on his Four Miler! Let's all get out and run today!

Yay, manic depression!


Bubble said...

I am going to run today. That elixir sounds HORRIBLE. Please tell me you don't drink that.

pengo said...

Add pineapple juice. Tastes just like Gatorade.

harris said...

That's because with the pineapple juice (citric acid & sugars) you have the basic formula of Gatorade. Better than Gatorade, because, thanks to subsidies (farmer's welfare), Gatorade is made with high fructose corn syrup.

pengo said...

Yes! And it doesn't taste that bad, really. Mildly salty water. And yes - you do feel a difference, or rather, you feel *less* of a difference in your basic well-being than if you sweat out all those substances without replenishing them.

And, you know ... f*** high fructose corn syrup.