Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm a reasonable man. Get off my case.

These are the rules:
1. If you accidentally mistreat someone's costly sound equipment, (e.g., sport headphones) apologize.
2. When someone announces they are going for a run, say "good for you," or something equally supportive.


2001 Playlist
Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue
This Charming Man - Stars
Drop - Cornelius
Bananeria (Rae & Christian Mix) - Bebel Gilberto
Get the Party Started - P!nk
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
Star 69 - Fatboy Slim
Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box - Radiohead

Distance: 4 miles
Temperature: 25ยบ
Weather: cold, sure
Road conditions: still with the patchy ice
Weight: 159 lbs.


Josh said...

Wha happen?

pengo said...

Oh, you know. The opposite.

Jen said...

It sounds like your shard's pussy hurts too.

my word verification is "mener."

I laughed.

pengo said...