Monday, August 02, 2010

Summer people

Martin's Point Run

Ten days. That is enough time to begin to feel the effects of non-exercise. Aches in my thighs which I have not felt in months, maybe years. With every movement, I can feel how parts of me have gone slack. I feel like a bag of junk.

Part of this discomfort is due to the fact that we just took two days to drive to Maine. This is my vacation (the rest of the family have had several this summer already) and I just want to relax and not think.

Which is impossible. But I did just run, so I am feeling - physically - much better. Sunny, clear, not very hot, the sun is sharp across Hatchet Cove as I run past the homes of summer people on Martin's Point. The best places are the small ones, right on the water. A little bizarre are the modern monstrosities (one went up in the two years since I have been here last - three garages!!!) that exist across the narrow road from the waterfront props. What are they doing, making up for their lack of direct water access with gargantuaness?

Here is hoping I can make a run every morning. The first hill out of Flood's Cove is a little intense, but brief and nothing I can't handle.

Red's Eats

Hilarious. Just as we are headed out of town, the Times runs a piece on this famous lobster roll shack, right on Rt. 1. I know Red's, I have passed it many, many times in my life. Even stopped once to say I have. WTF? Lobster and mayo on a hot dog bun for $14.99? (I didn't pay that, I think when I went several years ago it was still closer to $12.) Summer people are so dumb.

A loss

Got word yesterday that a classmate from high school died. She was at a family reunion, reportedly got up to play a game of volleyball and collapsed. We didn't know each other well, we were involved in a lot of the same extracurriculars, spent a lot of time in each other's presence working on the same projects a very long time ago. She married her high school sweetheart (another person I knew a very long time ago) and they have two children together. I am finding it difficult to articulate my feelings. Sadness, pity, helplessness. Wanting to reach out, not knowing how.

I look around here ... my brother is here, and his family. My family. My parents. There are cousins around we have not seen yet (we just got here last night at dinner.) We must be careful. We must be kind.

The Power Genius Mix
Everybody Everybody - Black Box
Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
Kids In America * - Kim Wilde
Pump Up The Volume - M/A/R/R/S
What's On Your Mind - Information Society
Pop Muzik - M

Distance: 3.8 miles
Temperature: 57ยบ
Weather: idyllic

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