Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sweet spot

If I hadn't left my wristwatch next to the bed, I might still be in it right now. Given the option to get up at 5 or sleep until six (having gone to bed at the proper hour of ten o'clock) all I could think of was 1) warm in here 2) cold out there and 3) I didn't sleep much this summer, did I?

Tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

So I got up. Because I can't deal with that. And blessed be that I did.

Podrunner: Activator (159 bpm)

Well done, sir. Check that one out, loving the horns at the start but it goes some incredible places. And 159? I can do that for hours, rock steady.

Going without lyrics frees my mind, and I make connections that I do not with songs. And besides, I have heard all of the songs. The past two nights I have been doing something really weird. I have been writing.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 54ยบ
Weather: light, refreshing rain. delicious.
Weight: 162.5 lbs.

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