Monday, October 11, 2010

It's not about how you do it, but why you do it.

A deer, waiting for me in my front yard.

What a beautiful weekend for running. Shame I didn't do any running in it.

This weekend was an unhappy bitch. The headache began creeping up shortly after I woke on Saturday. I'd had one beer the night before. For that matter, the last beer I'd had was the previous Saturday. Two beers in two weeks. But I got to bed after eleven (there was a sleepover going on at my house) woke at 1:30 with an unhappy child who I had to sit up with for a half hour. Then all the children were awake by six.

How many hours of sleep is that? Who knows. I should have gone running. Instead, I made pancakes.

The wife afforded me a few small naps to catch up, that and pain reliever did better work than it should have. But I missed the kids' soccer games, on what may have been the last best day of the fall. So it goes.

Podrunner: Ballistic (149 bpm)

Saw a show at CPT this weekend. They are seriously pushing video as an element of every production. This is also true of convergence-continuum. Must include video. My shows have video ... but I feel pressured to include MORE video.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 60ยบ
Weather: just great
Weight: 163.5 lbs.

It's very simple. When at some child's birthday party, there is no excuse for eating the food. Don't eat the food at a kids' birthday party. And no cake, seriously. Do not eat the cake.

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