Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?

OMG my brother (the radio producer) got me a set of Sennheiser "Enhanced Bass" earbuds for Christmas and I was think, oh yeh, "enhanced bass" whatever, and I start playing Help I'm Alive by Metric and OMG I am in heaven these are the most incredible headphones I have ever worn and my brother is the best brother I will ever have (sorry, guy who lives in Britain, thanks anyway for the book.)

I work very hard not to anticipate too much. Disappointment can hurt, so special moments are taken as they are received, on a daily basis, throughout the year. Saving up to much hope for one day, like Christmas, for example, can only lead to let-down, or so I believed throughout my childhood.

Throughout my adulthood, success on the holidays depends entirely upon my children's happiness, though even then I am prepared for the worst. When the girl was confused, even a little scared, when Santa Claus told her she was going to Disney World. I mean, come on, this girl is far too inquisitive and fearful, the questions where hundredfold, going on trip? To Florida? By herself? How would she get there? On what? When? What? My wife was expecting the classic, joyful, YouTube response, but I knew better. The joy would come later, she'll get it, not right now, it's all right.

This morning, however. Classic Christmas at the outlaws. Lots of cousin, large and newborn. An embarrassment of riches. And for me, I got a new hat, a new jacket, all people my age are concerned about is being cold, and in that department I was very well-provided.

Then to the Smiling Skull with my wife's step-father, brother, sister, cousin, spouses, children, others, the places was buzzing by 10 AM, with TBS playing A Christmas Story over and over again, just like it should be. Two pints of Guinness, traditional Christmas breakfast, and then Arnie is picking up a round, a third? Sure, why not, happy happy!

A long, lazy day, with cooking and chat and family and drinking and eating and dish washing. Exactly where I wanted to be, and exactly what I asked for for Christmas.

Temperature: 32°
Climate: bright and cold
Distance: 4.25 miles

Now, taking a run into the sunlight when all you've to eat are two cups of coffee with Bailey's and three pints can be challenging. But not on Christmas. For then, it is magic!

In practice, the new headphones could be treacherous. They are not merely enhanced bass but they obliterate most outside noise. Not what I want to be wearing along the streets of Cleveland.

Down by the river, maybe half a dozen others passed, walking, biking, running. Happy holidays, thanks for getting out with me.

Help I'm Alive Playlist
Help I'm Alive - Metric
We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab for Cutie
Sea of Love - Cat Power
Bryn - Vampire Weekend
Blue Light - Bloc Party
Walcott * - Vampire Weekend
Stylo - Gorillaz ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def
The Park - Feist
Fragile Bird - City and Colour
Fences - Phoenix


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas David.

Ariel loves the Fox, I am looking forward to the book.


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