Saturday, October 11, 2014

Accepting applications at University.

The 3 Way - Lilys (1999)
Dimes Make Dollars
Socs Hip
Accepting Applications at University
And One (On One)
Leo Ryan (Our Pharoah's Slave)
Solar Is Here
The Spirits Merchant
The Lost Victory
The Generator
A Tab For the Holidays

One afternoon in August, 2001 my brother and I were in a record shop in the East Village. There was a time I would walk into a music store and browse, leisurely, and pick up something, anything, that looked interesting, that I might like.

This was when a) I had more time and b) I had more money.

I have had few experiences with my brother in record stores, which is a pity because I have always been impressed with his taste in music, and in his music collection. Actually shopping for discs with him is something I should have made an effort to do more often before it was too late.

He's not dead or anything, the stores are.

However, after wandering around for about twenty minutes, without satisfaction, I asked the guy behind the counter what the hell we have been listening to, and bought that. I am reminded of that scene in High Fidelity when John Cusack's character targets a customer, and brags that he can sell a Stereolab CD in less than two minutes, puts on Lo Boob Oscillator, and bam, of course, he's right.

This guy must have seen me coming a mile away. An obvious nod to The Kinks, this adventure in Power-Mod-Pop owes almost as much to the Style Council or even late-model Stranglers, describing in lucid, liquid detail parties I wish I had attended and drugs I wish I had taken.

Upon departing the record shop, I didn't listen to the disc until I had returned home to Cleveland, but upon doing so I realized the music had been ringing in my ears during our entire experience in New York that summer, especially And One (On One), possibly the best love song to cocaine ever written.

Cousins at the O.U. Homecoming Parade
Temperature: 59°
Distance: 4.25 miles

We are spending something like 36 hours in Athens this weekend, what we could squeeze in between work and a 2 PM soccer match in Strongsville tomorrow. The girl made a special request, to head to the Skull and then just walk around and shop Uptown before having lunch at Casa.

Funny. That's exactly what we wanted to do.

Parade, Skull, shopping on Court Street, and then about three hours in Casa Nueva - time spent both waiting for a table for eleven and then enjoying sitting at it. By the time my wife and I departed in time to make a 4 PM coffee date with one of my professors, I had just about had it. Too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt, fat and BOBCATS.

I am not a big, rah rah, Old Mother kind of guy. Thanks for the degree, for the wives, but you can keep the alumni, I come back to lounge in the hills. Dodging students and graduates laid out flat on the sidewalk before noon was enough of an unwelcome sight, the SOUND was positively overwhelming, indoor and out. It made me dizzy.

Meeting Dr. Faricy and sipping tea at Donkey for two hours was enough to settle my nerves and by the time we parted it was about sundown and I had been hoping for just one run while I am here. I mean, it's only been a week.

Man, was that a good idea. The weather was perfect, and so was my timing. I couldn't have parked at Peden Stadium any earlier if I had wanted to, the final stragglers from the game were only just pulling out of the parking lot.

The lights on the bike path were coming on, and the sky over the hills were turning deep, turgid colors. Few were on the path, a couple runners, only one bike passed me. It was odd. Like I just missed everything, which was what I wanted.

It felt good, not winded at all, just a little sniffly from the cool air. Relaxing into the evening, my abdominal muscles sing a bit, no drinks tonight, we have to leave early tomorrow. I hope to sleep well.

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