Saturday, May 13, 2017

Physical therapy.

Last night I took a brisk walk around the soccer field but not for as long as I had planned. The exercises continue, and at my appointment a few days ago I neglected to ask the therapist if I could resume running, or if I should.

The girl is struggling to move up to peak performance after a lag time between futsal and soccer, and recuperation following a mild concussion. She has developed shin splints (we believe) but unlike previous injuries she is confidently making plans to work through it, with bandages and proper exercises.

This is my own concern. Should I attempt to plow through my pain? Ibuprofen helps, the exercises help. Actually, just not sitting so much for so often helps. I had shin splints when I first trained for a marathon, over ten years ago. It felt like running with a broken leg, which is much how the girl describes it.

I was running fast last winter, but through this pain. It seems stupid to continue, like I am only making it worse for myself. I wanted to apply for the 2018 New York Marathon, to run it when I turned fifty. Now I am not sure that can happen.

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