Tuesday, February 14, 2006

There's room for maybe just one more.

Weight: 170 lbs.
Distance: 5 miles
Water: yes
Stretches: yes
Weather: Cool & bright with patchy snow on the pavement

Remember the Time - Michael Jackson
Closer to God - Nine Inch Nails
Party Machine - Hoodoo Gurus
All Night Long - Peter Murphy
Burning Love - Elvis Presley
Atom Bomb (Atomix 1) - Fluke
Dead Man's Party* - Oingo Boingo
Run On - Elvis Presley

Comments: Snow's been on the ground for days now, people. Let's clean it up. Hate running in the street with the traffic, but some of these people just can't seem to do their civic duty.

Can't stop running. Never stop running. My daughter has to be older than this before I die.

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