Thursday, April 20, 2006

5.2 Miles to Happy

Weight: 165.5 lbs.
Distance: 5.2 miles
Weather: Hot
Water: Yes
Stretches: Hell, yes.
Sit-Ups: 20

Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature
Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb
There There (The Boney King of Nowhere) - Radiohead
Love Rollercoaster - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Strict Time - Elvis Costello
Superstar - Jamelia
Everybody Everybody - Black Box
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson
Absurd (Landslide Mix) - Fluke

Careful, boy. The first mid-day, hot run of the year and you go 5 miles with no water. You better watch that sh*t.

The Addidas aren't working out for me. They have been giving me blisters, on both feet, in the same small spot - instep. Running in my seven year old shoes give me a better time.

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