Wednesday, April 26, 2006

There's a river in my head.

Weight: 168 lbs.
Distance: 3 miles
Stretches: Yes
Water: Yes
Weather: Cool and bright

Sexcrime (1984) - Eurythmics
My Sharona - The Knack
Five Fathoms - Everything But the Girl
Here's Where the Story Ends - The Sundays
Burn - Nine Inch Nails
Magical Trevor (Happy Hardcore Mix)* - Weebl

Had to walk for a few minutes in the middle there, felt something nasty in my left calf. Got back to running, and it felt better. Iced it at home. After yesterday (miserable, cold day) it was so bright and beautiful out today, shame I had that little incident, but it feels good now. Hope it feels all right tomorrow.

Some times I try to get up to running every day, but I constantly feel pain - on the tops of my feet (is there a name for the tops of your feet?) or constantly in my calves. Yesterday my feet felt pulled, but not today. Can I do a brisk three miles a day? I wonder how fast I will go on May 7th, whether I can get up to speed on that. I am considering featuring songs in the range of 160 - 180 bpms and nothing esle, but I worry if I am on a hill or something I'll screw myself up. Are there hills? I have no idea.

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