Friday, November 03, 2006


We are in New York. The past twenty-four hours have been ... difficult. Everyone - the wife, the kids - were ill yesterday morning, and very unhappy about the idea of taking a weekend trip to New York. The suggestion was made that I go alone.

That would have totally blown. I don't think I could make it to the finish if I didn't know my family would be waiting for me at the end.

Anyway, by the evening things had turned around considerably, and the family was on.

Putting the kids to bed, packing, getting the house prepped for the housekeeper ... watching The Daily Show, these things take time and we were in bed by midnight to wake at 4.30 for an 8.30 flight. God am I tired.

I have been to the ING NY Marathon Expo at the Javits Center and back. When I was almost there, I realized I had left my chip back at the apartment. I could have just gone back to get it, which would be enough of a pain. However, when I received my registration materials, they read that I did not have a bus pass to Staten Island for Sunday morning, without which getting to the Starting Line would be, well, impossible. So I was concerned about getting to the Expo and getting a bus pass.

I chose to just get a new chip, to put down a deposit for a new one when I got there. What this mean,s however, is that I won't know if I am in the database until tomorrow, maybe Sunday. Maybe I won't find out until the race is over, and not even know if my splits are registering.

Listen to me. "I won't know if my splits are registering." Who have I become?

But I did. I got the new chip. They must be experienced at this, after all, there was a stack of cards for people who had also shown up without a chip. But it's the kind of thing I worry about.

And what did I learn next? I DO have a bus pass. Says I don't on my registration, says I do on my bib number (which is what is important.) Geez.

My number is 20368. Check out the Athlete Tracker at the ING NY Marathon website on race day to keep track of my progress. If my splits are showing.

UPDATE: Send me your email address, and I will add you to my list of people who will receive automatic updates on my progress.

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