Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 2: Come run, run, run, run, everybody move, run ...

It does not take much for my belly to go slack. And then none of my pants fit. It's a little depressing, but seriously, what does it take for me to remember, and then execute, some simple 20 or so sit-ups a day? It doesn't take much, not really.

Oh, hey - for the Secret Santa thing in my office this year, H. got me a $25 gift card from Dick's! Is that cool or what?

I love the campus during the holidays. There's no one in it.

Distance: roughly 4 miles
Stretches: yes
Sit-Ups: 40
Snack (like I needed a snack): Zone Perfect Bar; Chocolate Almond Biscotti - Merry Xmas, yo.
Drink: Gatorade
Start Time: 1.30 pm
Temperature: 43ยบ
Weather: bright and sunny, wore a hat with a visor, shorts and a jacket. Midwinter bliss!

WARNING: Old Man Toilet Talk

Some kind of constipation action going on here, can't figure that out. Oh sure, maybe it's all the cookies, stuffing, meat and Bailey's in my system, but I have been force-feeding myself fruit and water, too. I had this righteous dump after prezzies but I still felt like sitting on the john for another hour.

Until I took that run. The natural laxative!

Warmup: Road to Recovery - Midnight Juggernaut
Pon de Relay- Rihanna
Body Language - Queen
Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) - Rob D
Five Fathoms - Everything But the Girl
Collision and Improvisation- Pizzicato Five
I Wanna Be a Flintstone - Screaming Blue Messiahs
Get Down (Calvin Harris Remix) - Groove Armada
Cooldown: Doctor Who Theme - Murray Gold & the BBC National Orchestra of Wales

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