Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm a sexy mama

My headphones fragged - they do that. The last pair went in August, 2006. Is this normal? Is a year and a half an acceptable lifespan for a pair of really good sport headphones?

Recording my intake is pointless, it's just too time consuming. I have been much more aware of what I have been eating, however, in a good way.

God, it has been miserably cold out - ad the roads have been slick with snow and ice. This is truly the first day I have been able to his the pavement in almost a week.

Speaking of pavement - really people, just get off your fat asses and shovel the walk within 24 hours of a snowfall and we wouldn't have this problem. Ankle injuries, indeed.

Run stats:
Distance: 5.15 miles
Weight: 169 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Sit-ups: 80
Lunch: meatless sloppy joe, broccoli soup
Drink: 8 oz. Gatorade
Temperature: 28º (I don't even believe this - after a week near 5º it's fricking balmy out.)
Weather: cool & windy
Gear: thermal cap and jacket, thermal underjersey, thermal underpants, pants, gloves

2006 Playlist
Ankle Injuries - Fujiya Miyagi
In the Morning - The Junior Boys
Rehab - Amy Winehouse
Girl and the Sea - The Presets
Dangerous Power - Gabriel & Dresden
Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
Totally F*cked - Spring Awakening soundtrack
Glass Breaker Force Mass Motion Mix - The Crystal Method ft. Charlotte Martin
Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae
    (Last Year's 2006 Playlist)
    My Love - Justin Timberlake
    New Smokes - Project Runway
    Prodigal - Project Runway
    Beware of the Dog - Jamelia
    SOS - Rihanna
    Tracking Treasure Down - Gabriel & Dresden
    Call On Me - Eric Prydz vs Retarded Funk Mix

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