Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lace up your shoes

The airlines are just awful. A 55 minute flight, which was delayed almost two hours, then we had to circle Queens and the Bronx before we could land, and even then we sat on the tarmac for ages until we could pull into the gate.

The boy was going insane, and the whole experience left the girl feeling a little airsick - though I believe all the talk about her grandfathers' fear of flying (yes, plural - they are both stupid that way) fed into that anxiety.

We had dinner, checked in - and went to bed. Made it easier for me to do the one thing I really wanted to do here - run Central Park.

Central Park Loop

Run Stats:
Distance: Roughly 5 miles
Start Time: 5:55 AM

We are a few blocks south of Colmbus circle off 8th, so it was a short trot up to the park, just near dawn. Yes, it felt a little creepy, until I started seeing others braving the pre-dawn air. Honestly, I would feel more nervous running my own neighborhood at that hour, I would prefer to be mugged and have my iPod swiped than be hit by a motorist on their cellphone.

In spite of my familiarity with the area, I was still surprised that a trip from the southwest tip of the park, up around the Jackie O. Reservoir and back is short five miles. And I have already gotten so much sightseeing in, the Boathouse, Cleopatra's Needle, the Met, the Delacourt ... I don't need to go in places, I just need to see the outsides of them, remember what the insides look like, and I'm happy.

Psyché Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) - Fatboy Slim
Gett Off (Urge Single Edit) - Prince
Compterlove - Kraftwerk
Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings
Rush - Bug Audio Dynamite II
Laura - Scissor Sisters
Informer - Snow
11h30 - Danger
24 Hour Party People Happy Mondays
Strength - Sister Soleil

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