Sunday, March 23, 2008

Take my shoes off and I will throw them in the lake

Know what I love about NYC B&Bs? They have shared baths. And because the very idea of a shared bath is anathema to your average American, Americans don't stay in them. So they are full of Europeans. And traveling Europeans are so much more polite than we are.

Sorry. It's true.

Getting a later start today, there were many details I missed the day before, including the crouching cat, Alexander Hamilton ... well, those were on the way out. Honestly, the trip back South was a bit of a blur both days.

There's an aroma that rises from the steam grates. They should bottle that and sell it.

Central Park Loop

Run Stats:
Distance: Roughly 5 miles
Start Time: 7:00 AM
Gear: shorts, long-sleeved shirt, jacket, doo-rag, gloves

A little nippy for that ensemble, but not uncomfortable. The breeze coming of the reservoir was a little brisk, my thighs were cold there.

I wanted to avoid nipple-chafing (there's that word again) so I looked in the communal medicine cabinet here at the B&B. Im the box marked FIRST AID I found no band-aids ... but there were an awful lot of condoms.

I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man) * - Kenny Loggins
World Machine - Level 42
Hounds of Love (New Mix) - The Futureheads
Like Wow Wipeout - Hoodoo Gurus
Hourglass - Squeeze
Tread Water - De La Soul
Loops of Fury - The Chemical Brothers
The Flow - model 500
Scream - Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson
Unbelieveable (Boot Lane Mix) - EMF
It's My Life - No Doubt

"Convince myself."


Jen said...

Have you tried vaseline for the chafing?

pengo said...

And enjoyed it.