Sunday, March 28, 2010

This calls for a toast

Seventeen runs in January, nine in February, and in March ... five. This totally sucks.

It was not my intention to take ten days to get back onto the street. The fact is, I am under a lot of stress. This weekend - I hope - was a breaking point.

That just flowed out of me naturally, it was not my intention to blogroll.

The tour closed, I have some major deadlines in April, there are some artistic situations I am unhappy with (no, you can't) and a bout of headcolds that was passed around to everyone in the family except for the one person who needs to slow down the most. The boy.

And no, I do not know what I was thinking having three martinis with Dave and Ben on Friday night, I do not know what I was thinking. But they tasted very good. At least the first two did, I have no idea what the third one looked like.

So yesterday morning ... well, okay, most of the day was, while not exactly a wash, just very, very difficult. Did I take the boy to his piano lesson? Yes. Did I take them to see the Balto exhibit? Yes, I did. And the wife and I had something we have not had in a very, very long time.

No, not that. Longer. A dinner out at a very nice restaurant and never bothered checking the time or the prices on the menu.

Sp, cool, right? I was going to get up early and make that ten mile run, out the Ghandi and back, that I have been longing for, right? No. This morning it was a that-time-of-the-year, head-shocked, seasonal MIGRAINE. Like two hooks caught in my eyeballs, wrapping up into a skullcap of pain, reaching back to where the hair begins.

I got the morning, but she got the afternoon where I took some less than cheery, yet willing, youngsters on a series of errands before settling in for a new Sunday tradition - dinner watching Project Runway. It's all part of my lifelong scheme to make the boy fabulous. Not sure it's working, he HATES the sight of Michael Kors.
"Why is he always on there?!"
However, I did cut out for ninety minutes when dinner was being made ... to think.

Not much time thinking these days. No, not at all. Not for me. I cannot think.

But I did. I thought. I had a prospective email. About a festival of new works in D.C. And it made me think. It will not pay, but it made me think and though you really shouldn't accept gigs that won't pay, anything that makes me interested is worth my time. At least it is today.

Tonight I am going to sit up thinking. And writing. And that's new.

Oh, and I ran.

2005 Playlist
I Write Sins Not Tragedies (170 bpm) - Panic! At The Disco
Don't Look Back - Telepopmusik
Keep Hope Alive (JDS Mix) - The Crystal Method
Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
Winners - 7 Seconds of Love
Solsbury Hill - Erasure
Water of Nazareth - Justice

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 50ยบ
Weather: very light rain
Weight: 157.5 lbs.

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