Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm doing one hundred on the highway, so if you do the speed limit, get the f*ck out of my way.

As my man Kurt C. says, "Fish don't have feelings."

Route: Topsail Beach (2)
Distance: 3.08 miles
Temperature: 76º degrees

Playlist: All Day - Girl Talk

First full day was disorienting. The run took a lot more out of me than I could have expected, the weirdness I have been feeling since Saturday had not abated, my neck is sore, and I have been feeling generally exhausted. Not weary, like I want to go to sleep, just a general sense of lethargy. This is very disappointing to my daughter, who wants me to leap into the surf with her and generally act all crazy.

I have been leaping in the surf, and working on the crazy. We have also done a good bit of fishing off of the pier, because the boy demands it. Rod rentals expire at 6 am, so we were out yesterday morning at 5 am to get another hour in. Who's a good dad? That's right.

Meanwhile, my guts were roiling, intermittently. Don't know why that was. UNLESS it has a direct relationship to my doctor and I agreeing to cut the dose in half for the time being. It was my idea, I have been alarmed at how tired I get every evening and how much that affects my ability to do creative work.

Of course, my being fatigued may also be directly correlated to the fact that I never sleep.

In the end, I ingested a great deal of Pepto Bismol ... which stanches the diarrhea, but that just leaves you with a big, distended belly and no release. I'm sorry, TMI? You're reading the wrong blog. I'm in my 40s, I don't care anymore.


Today I woke feeling MUCH better, and even spent time alone out in the surf, riding the waves. Practically insane, and glad to be without pain. In the evening we all got nice and tight, and my MIL fell on her face bringing dog food in from the car and is currently on her way to Wilmington to have her forehead stitched up.


T. Roger Thomas said...

Fishing at 5 a.m. is dedication

pengo said...

To him, not to the fish.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, one daiquiri doesn't make your MIL tight! She just clumsy as hell