Thursday, June 28, 2012

I must learn to swim all over again.

Ultramarathon runner Jenn Shelton is very pretty.
That is all.

There have been times in days past when I have done sit-ups or what have you - "crunches" okay, sure ...  not to improve the appearance of my abdomen, sister please, I would never go around with my shirt off, no. Just to pull in my belly, to wear those jeans or slacks once upon a time which make me look emaciated and hip. There is no six-pack to be gained here. That will not happen.

Tightening of the abdominal muscles occurs naturally, gradually, for me, through the act of running, and that's it. When I cease running, the muscles go slack. Sometimes worse, I return to inner-tube land.

Not me.

To this boy, the sexiest part of the male anatomy is the inguinal ligament. Maybe it goes without saying that a washboard stomach is attractive on a man or a woman, but it is this line (see above) which defines the hip to the groin which, to me, is most pleasing to observe. It appears only in women who are extremely muscular and lean, which is to say, it is not commonplace, nor is it necessarily attractive. In dudes, however, you better have that going on.

At home, the bathroom mirror, is perpendicular to the shower, so it is not something I notice after a shower.  Here is it is the first thing you see when drawing across the shower curtain. And I found yesterday that I had redevloped my inguinal ligament in three days of barefoot running.

Temperature: 76°
Distance: 4 miles. I'm back.

Going to be a hot one today. Took the boy fishing at 4 AM this morning, caught a few pinfish and snapped the line just before we had to turn it in at six. Then we had breakfast on the pier at sunrise. Not a bad way to start the day.

Couldn't settle for two miles, had to push onto four. No regrets, blisters still tender, but not affecting my stride. Normally, when I get winded, my body will assume the form on an apostrophe, head down, looking at the ground, to continue running heel-to-toe.

Running barefoot I cannot look down in that way, and just think about it makes me straighten up, taking in the view, creating shorter steps, breathing deeper, feeling refreshed.

Super Bon Bon Genius Playlist
Blame - Soul Coughing
Love Rollercoaster - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy
(Nothing But) Flowers - Talking Heads
Kiss Off (177 bpm) - Violent Femmes
I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
Come Undone (Come Undub) - Duran Duran
Pain Lies on the Riverside - Live
Down To This - Soul Coughing
The One Thing - INXS
In Between Days - The Cure

Finished the book. Complete report due tomorrow. I understand unfortunate events related to the book have occurred during the embarrassingly long time it took me to read it, which I have avoided investigating until I was through.

I did find it interesting that all the male athletes are described as bizarre, kindly, spiritual outcasts who found their true-calling through the noble pursuit of ultrarunning, while the two main female protagonists are described as a zaftig naturalist and a ready-to-go party girl.

Obamacare upheld.
I got a Bloody Mary.
Today, life is good.

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