Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tattoo your name across my heart.

What did not happen ...

Whereas I had developed a bunion during my 2006 training, it became no worse during this year's training. In fact, I have straightened my toe considerably and it appears and feels no worse for wear.

My knees did not trouble me during this Cleveland marathon. Neither did my left foot, which has been healing nicely during the past weeks, even before the race.

I developed no blisters whatsoever during this marathon. None. The skin of my feet looked and felt as it had prior to the race. My right sock was irritating me through much of the run, and I assumed there would be damaged to the skin -- especially after one volunteer shot a hose directly at my feet, soaking my shoes.

Also, I suffered absolutely no chafing. None. Unlike last time. Eaugglahhh.

That Monday I went to work as normal, with only minor soreness standing and sitting. Taking the stairs was moderately challenging for exactly one day, by Tuesday I was already moving swiftly up and down stairs without thinking about it.

Look at that photograph. That's just moments before the finish line. I am working hard, I am breathing hard. But I am also smiling. I am happy. I crossed the finish line, and unlike in 2006, I not only did not pass out, I did not get dizzy, my calves did not freeze up.

I ran a marathon in under four hours -- at the age of 43. I completed a major life goal. It was very challenging. But I was prepared. And for a brief, shining moment, I was delirious and proud. Two weeks later, it still feels good.

However, I did bruise three toenails. But they still appear to be attached to my toes.

Distance: 2 miles
Temperature: 75Âș

Never Let Me Down (Split Mix) - Depeche Mode
Why Me (Extended Mix) - Planet P Project
Sweet Dreams - Beyoncé

Figured out the last moment from Henry VIII. I really like running.


Michele said...

I love this picture! Congrats on a good marathon.

pengo said...

Thank you!

Looking forward to resuming running again ... next week. On a BEACH.