Friday, June 29, 2012

America can't say no.

Been nursing a cold. Kinda sucks. Our second night I had a terrible sore throat in the middle of the night, and have been dealing with it ever since. It is terrible at night, which made me think the extreme air-conditioning of the house might have something to do with it, it never feels as bad during the day.

But yesterday I started feeling woozy, my ears are stuffed ... I didn't get very much sleep Wednesday night, knowing I was going to rise so early to take the boy out and never really caught up on rest.  Today is that day, the last full day before departure, the "Sunday afternoon" of vacation where you know it's almost over. The kids are spending more, longer hours in the sand and water (away from Phineas, Ferb and Bridgit Mendler) while I sit on the porch, nursing exhaustion, editing scripts, chatting with whoever is about, and drinking beer.

But I will run once more. A grand experiment in barefoot running. Trying something new on vacation, when the weather is great, the surroundings so attractive, that's easy. Will I get a pair of Vibrams when I get home? Uh, maybe. I think so. Am I going to become one of those crazy barefoot runner people? Uh ... mmmaybe.

Temperature: 91° (But it doesn't feel like it.)
Distance: 2 miles

Some people like to drink a cool, fruity rum beverage and sit on the porch to watch the sunset. I like to dash into the wind for one last barefoot run. Lucky for me, this time returning the wind was at my back.

My lungs have not felt so free, my head so clear, in a couple days. It will pass shortly enough, but it was well worth it.

Super Bon Bon Genius Playlist
Never Said - Liz Phair
Down In The Park - Foo Fighters
Wild Wild Life/Love - Building On Fire - Talking Heads
Spin the Bottle - Juliana Hatfield Three
4 Out of 5 - Soul Coughing
Sixteen Military Wives - The Decemberists

It's been a great week. One of the things I have enjoyed about coming here these past two years is that the journey marks the beginning of summer, and not its end. Already making plans to make the Bay Days 5 Mile Run on July 4. But will I be wearing shoes ..?


T. Roger Thomas said...

I hope your five miles run today goes well.

pengo said...

Thanks, didn't happen. The illness -- sore throat and cold symptoms -- I had been carping about got worse over the last few days, and only seems to be settling down today. Oh well.

texasalarm said...
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