Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!

Worst. Cover art. Ever.

I can't keep up. Not enough running, and I do not sleep through the night. I toss and turn, bedeviled by sharp pain in the outside of my right knee.

In spite of one of my co-workers kind observations that I lost a lot of weight since last fall, the fact is I have put a lot back since last spring. I got a big, slack belly. The pants no longer fit. These are also bad things for a weak back and pained knees.

Did some knee bends, like I did so successfully during training last winter. Sit-ups would also be smart.

If the posters in the window at Tommy's were to be believed, Soul Coughing played Cleveland a total of fifty-two dates in 1994.* And yet I did not see them until they had a "surprise" gig at the Euclid Tavern in 1998 where they unfortunately played nothing but tracks from their upcoming and least regarded album, El Oso.

It is also entirely possible that Doughty was extremely high.

Irresistible Bliss - Soul Coughing (1996)
Super Bon Bon
Soft Serve
White Girl
Soundtrack To Mary
4 Out Of 5
Collapse (157 bpm)
Sleepless (162 bpm)

The Idiot Kings

The alt-funk stylings of Soul Coughing are very enjoyable to run to. Less plodding, more sailing. I love my new clown shoes.

Temperature: 50°
Distance: 3.25 miles

* This is an exaggeration.

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