Sunday, September 16, 2012

Throw me away.

My face is swollen, my head is stuffed, I hurt. I did not sleep well at all, knee and back pain kept me tossing and turning before finally getting up for an hour or so around 5 am, reading Little Nemo. Back to bed until almost 10 but they were not happy hours. Just another fall Sunday, allergies, age, and children who cannot be subdued.

Run we must. And we must press our luck through a questionable choice of music.

Released September 22, 1992

Broken - Nine Inch Nails (1992)
Help Me I Am In Hell
Happiness In Slavery
Gave Up
Physical (You're So) (160 bpm)
Suck (182 bpm)

Astonishing. I thought I was tempting a migraine, playing that so loud. An amusing counterpoint to the bright, clear, beautiful we have. My head, too, is clear, or clearer, anyway. Taking a cold show, the swelling in my head and face went down. Things are good. I have a vision for the week which is full, active, successful and, perhaps, happy.

I really like these new shoes.

Temperature: 70°
Distance: 3.25 miles

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