Sunday, September 09, 2012

Get some colors on.

Folks gave me spending cash to finally get a pair of Vibrams Five-Fingers, but a very helpful young man at Second Sole totally sold me on a set of NB Minimus. I did try on a part of five-fingers, but I did not like them, they were too bulky, which I thought was the whole point. I put these puppies on (yes, that color - they look awesome) and I felt like an Indian chief.

Temperature: 70°
Distance: 2 miles
Weight: 177.5 lbs.

Like running on the beach. The so-called "zero drop" sole approximates barefoot running, without all that skin damage. Hitting mid-foot makes for a shorter stride, and straightens my posture. It takes more effort, and at rest know, I am beginning to feel it in my knees. Thought I should keep my run brief. The man recommended going without socks, and I did, but I may try them next time. Or not.


I Created Disco - Calvin Harris (2007)

Merrymaking at My Place
This Is The Industry
The Girls
Acceptable In The 80s

I have had my mid-life crisis. It included a last-ditch attempt at professional acting, drawing pictures of naked ladies, fear of never inspiring admiration in my children, and having a vasectomy.

After seven years of maintaining a solid sense of self, who I was, what was important, and where we (my wife and I) were going, I suddenly (it felt like suddenly) believed I had made all the wrong professional choices, and that there had been a point somewhere in the near past where I should have jumped, but didn't.

I am not talking about my marriage, or having kids. That I felt solid about. It was all the stuff that defined my image of myself in the larger world. The "big-man" stuff.

This would last until I turned forty, more than a year later. In that time I would also suffer a torn meniscus, which made me feel even older, but also it was the period where I recommitted myself as a playwright -- not an actor, not a director. And whereas I have no illusions about making a living solely as a writer, ever, at least I know who I am, kid.

Why all the reflection? Because, as part of my continual desire for regeneration and immaturity, I like to keep up with modern dance music. Listening to Capital Radio (London) I got turned onto this guy, and picked up his first album in a record store in Plymouth. Dude wrote a pop song about what was acceptable in the 80s, made a video featuring a stuffed otter. And I fell in love. Calvin Harris, I feel so close to you right now.

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