Monday, September 17, 2012

Someday I think I will be dignified and old.

I'm losing my edge.

The Modern Lovers (1976?)
Astral Plane
Old World
Pablo Picasso
Dignified and Old
She Cracked
Someone I Care About
Girl Friend
Modern World

The wife has this "theory" that "lack of exercise" is bad for my "knee". She encouraged me to run this morning. Two days in a row! Running! I like that.

And we continue our exploration of the album. The wife prefers Spotify, which might interest me if I didn't find their interface so irritating to look at. She says she can listen to entire albums that way, that she is tired of mixes all the time. I think it's too much trouble, if she wants to listen to an entire album, why can't she get CDs from the library and rip them like everybody else does?

Temperature: 59°
Distance: 3.25 miles


Michele said...

I find Spotify mystifying. I cannot figure it out at all.


pengo said...