Friday, October 26, 2012

Pull my shirt on, walk out the door.

Left ankle felt twisted yesterday, and my right foot is sore. Not the clown shoes, I do not believe. I think it's the crappy "pay-less" shoes I wear, the ones with soft insoles that I bought when I was looking for comfortable dress shoes for those not-so-dressy occasions. I'd rather go barefoot.

Vampire Weekend (2008)
Mansard Roof (165 bpm)
A-Punk (175 bpm)
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Campus (163 bpm)
One (Blake's Got a New Face)
I Stand Corrected (160 bpm)
Walcott (160 bpm)
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance

I told myself to hate this band. Can't do it. Awesome beats per minute. And it ends just as I am reaching my driveway. Well, if I leave out Oxford Comma. I mean ... who cares about Oxford Comma?

Temperature: 65°
Distance: 3.25 miles
Duration: 32 minutes

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