Saturday, October 13, 2012

I love this tune.

I did not know this would be their last studio album. But as I had ceased practically all interest in Nine Inch Nails following The Downward Spiral, it is quite possible that had EBTG released another disc, I may not have gotten it. They were a band of my twenties, they helped define my twenties, moving from smooth post-mod pop jazz, to the accidental transition to club music with a very popular remix of Missing in 1995.

The dance remix of Missing is actually an improvement on the original, in the exact same way that the dance remix of Somebody That I Used to Know is not.

We met Tracey and Ben (as fans) after the only gig in Cleveland they ever played, during summer of 1996, promoting Walking Wounded. Maybe that should have been the end. But this album, pushing further into outright club music, was also right where I was at that time.  Hilarious. Low swinging torch music when I was still a kid, then bass and beats as I entered my thirties. I find it amusing that the same act composed both the instrumentals Crabwalk and Compression.

I still listen to them, I just don't think I would have been interested in what's next. For so many bands, you don't always want their new album. Maybe it is the feeling of disappointment when the new stuff pales in comparison to the past. Or maybe it is the fear that I do.

Temperamental - Everything But The Girl (1999)
Five Fathoms
Blame (172 bpm)
Hatfield 1980
Compression (175 bpm)

I ran only once last October. In November, I ran four times, mostly around Thanksgiving when I had time, not when I made time. I must improve on that. Running helps my knee, but it has continued to be sore, especially at night. I want that to go away.

Temperature: 62°
Distance: 3.25 miles

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