Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Wake up.

Bizarre to think this is entirely normal to me now. By mid-morning Monday I was taking the stairs like it was no big thing -- had to, I needed to make my way across Charlotte Douglas Airport for a connecting flight. Standing up, sitting down, I had little painful reminder that twenty-four hours previous I was in the process of running like hell for 26.2 miles.

My sister-in-law was very attentive and asked if I needed anything. Water to drink? Something to eat? I did need water to drink, and things to eat, but I had done so much eating and drinking on the run I didn't feel particularly depleted, of anything.

It was not just that my body has become accustomed to long-distance running, but that I have become accustomed to always been ready for long-distance running. Staying well-fed with the right foods, remaining hydrated. My brain pings when I am missing something, and do I have that. More good fats, the right kind of salty food, the good beverages.

For my father's 80th birthday there was a happy gathering of folks from around Flood's Cove, we had invited them all for "wine hour" and they all came. Family and friends and strangers. It was marvelous. Just before the hour was over, the wife came over and suggested I say something. I was not prepared to speak, but of course. I am very glad she reminded me to do that, that's just the kind of event after which I think, "I should have said something."

I spoke on behalf of my brothers, and spoke for myself, thanking my father for the impression he has made on me, and how he gave me a great appreciation of reading, and of history. My cousin added, "Don't forget running," and I quickly agreed - yes, I said. My father had inspired me to be an athlete.

To this he got that look on his face that I have inherited when something has said something we find entirely ridiculous. He said smilingly, more dismissive of his own efforts than of mine, "Oh ... running isn't athletic."

That's something else he gave me, the feeling that I could never be an athlete.

Distance: .85 miles
Route: once around the block

Other success story, I had no chafing, no bleeding. None. The right equipment, and plenty of glide.

Temperature: 66°
Climate: cool, overcast
Weight: 15 lbs.
Mood: decent

What's That Lyric?
Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram

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